Thursday, February 18, 2010


It’s been awhile…again. Sorry for that. I’m committing to update my blog at least once a week – really.

So I am still in South Africa. I did take a month long journey back to the states from December to January. This was a huge blessing (thanks to a pretty awesome couple) and a complete surprise to my family who knew nothing about my trip home until I showed up on their doorsteps. I arrived a day later than originally planned (oh the joys of many flights to get from South Africa to Texas!) but I still managed to pull off the surprise. I got a lot of double takes the first couple days – that was great fun! I managed to surprise my best friend, Amy, as well as my former workplace when I showed up there to see her. While I couldn’t possibly be in Dallas for an entire week before making it down to San Antonio to see my parents, I surprised them by calling from my sister’s cell phone.

I spent the first week in Dallas (jet lag was rough), the next week with Mom and Dad in San Antonio (Mom time was the best!), the next week back in Dallas for Christmas with Kim, Barry, Lilli and Maddi, the next week in San Antonio for New Years at my parents with ALL my sisters and ALL my nieces(we kept the secret from my niece Leah until I saw her in person on December 27!), and the last week back in Dallas for last minute visits, shopping, etc.

All in all it was a great time home. Time with my nieces was so great and much needed. They feed my soul so much its amazing! Sister time is always a blast and there is no one funnier than my sisters! Mom and Dad are good and so supportive and understanding.

Maddi and Lilli

Leah and my Dad (her Papa)

Me with Lilli

As the last couple days approached, I got asked a couple times how I was ‘doing’. You know the look and the head nod…”How are you DOING?” I knew each person meant how was I doing with leaving home again to come back to South Africa. My response? “I am ready to go back. I am thankful for time at home and seeing my family and friends, but my life is over there right now….it’s where God wants me, and I am good with that.”

When I left to move to South Africa in April 2009, I did not cry at my goodbyes. I was nervous about what was to come but was ready to go. This time around, I cried at all of my goodbyes – whether in front of people or while driving away (my poor brother-in-law, Doug, who took me to the airport that cold January 8th, got the worst of it. Sorry about that, Doug! You should never agree to take me to an airport again…). I remembered how much I missed everyone while over here, and the tears flowed. I never knew I could miss my family THAT much. Far too often we take our relationships for granted way more than we realize.

I seriously am so thankful for all the precious time with each person back home. Life and relationships have so much more meaning to me and God has really opened my eyes to cherishing those with a positive influence in my life. I truly appreciate all the prayers, love, and support.

God wants the same kind of relationship with us – cherished, nurtured, loved. A theme that’s been in my mind since December is “What’s pleasing to God?” I try to keep this on the forefront of my mind every time I wake up in the morning, every interaction I have, every decision I make I will ask myself “Is this pleasing to God?” I have even heard Him speak the words “Now Ami, was that pleasing to me?” and I bow my head and seek forgiveness.

I am not perfect. I make mistakes. But I still strive to please God.
Every. Day.

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